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Modern, Compassionate Dentistry

For The 21st Century


Discover How Modern Dentistry can Improve Your Life, Well Being and Appearance.

Dr. Allen Blourchian and the team at New Image Dentistry welcome you to our office in Franklin Tennessee. Our modern office is designed to comfort our patients and facilitate optimum care in the most professional of settings.

Dentistry has been truly transformed in the past couple of decades. It is no longer just a utilitarian, repair oriented profession, but one that transforms peoples’ lives for the better. We can help people look better, feel better, eat better and live healthier lives. It is truly amazing to provide all these and more predictably and in relatively short time.

Another development in our field is sedation dentistry. It has made fear of a dental appointment a thing of the past. Our philosophy of care is to help our patients reap the benefits of modern dentistry. We begin by listening to you first, followed by a thorough exam and only then design a carefully planned treatment sequence to meet your needs and desires.

We provide the best possible treatment using the latest and best technology has to offer to insure the best clinical outcome for our patients.

We are located in the beautiful Armana Center right from Williamson Medical Center hospital in Franklin.

Contact us today and learn about the ways we can keep you smiling.

Featured Procedures

New Image Dentistry is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of modern dentistry procedures. The latest techniques and most advanced technology are used in each procedure. Please click on the procedure you are interested in for more information. Our staff looks forward to helping you.

We offer advanced technology for each of our dental services:

Excellent Results

At New Image Dentistry we provide the best modern dentistry has to offer to our patients. Our office is truly state-of-the-art and designed with the best interest of the patients in mind, allowing them to feel comfortable when undergoing treatment. To find out what modern dentistry can help you, contact New Image Dentistry today.

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